Wednesday, June 22, 2005

my first entry

ok, so as of 22 june, i've started my first blog.
Why am i doing this? really no idea.
it's like i cannot write what i want, because then if i defame someone, i'll get sued.
I can't write "mr so and so is a bastard" or that bastard mr so and so can sue.
And word gets round fast, so what i write can travel.

But at least i can practice my writing skills.
After all, one of my ambitions is to be a sports journalist.
With my dream being sent to spain to catch the champions league final in the Nou Camp.
Especially if it's between Liverpool and and barcelona.
Not to bad a dream to be sent to spain eh?
Especially since the only spanish words i can speak are buenos diaz (good morning), comos esta (how are you) and buenos nochas ( good night).
Quite ridiculous. i should be learning "ref, you suck!!"

So again i ask, why am i blogging?
Perhaps to follow the others? because some clown asked me to?
Moreover, so many people are blogging nowadays.
One can throw an egg in the air, pundits will give you extremely high odds of it hitting someone.
But i wont do that.
Otherwise, i'll be known in the blogging fraternity as the idiot who threw a rock just to hit a blogger.

So till next time, i'm off..........


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