Monday, February 04, 2008

XS, S, M, L, XL

Some people have asked why i like to buy clothes that seem quite big, especially my Tshirts, specifically the Gioradno ones.

Well, an XS shirt costs how much? lets say 10 dollars?
XL shirt costs how much? I think its 10 bucks too.

So there is nothing wrong with buying a shirt which is too big.
You're getting more value for money.

Another reason i buy big?
I live in hope that i'll still grow.

Friday, January 11, 2008


To those who have prayed for him, thank you.

But my grandfather has died.
At least he died in his sleep, painless.

He was going to be 90 in september.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Hospital (what a crappy place to be)

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, possibly Sunday.
All thse days i vistied the hospital, because my grandfather is there.
From a normal room where he as placed under observation, he is now in the ICU.

When i saw him on friday afternoon, he seemed perfectly normal.
i left at 6.45.
When i got home at 10.45, i return to the news that he's feeling "unwell".
When my dad comes home, i hears my grandfather has had 3 seizures, and has been moved to the ICU, with blood pressure levels of over 200, and low sodium levels.

Seriously, the hospital really sucks.
Its a terrible place, especially if you're a visitor.
There's this woman, she's been there for 2 weeks, since her father's in a coma.
imagine spending Christmas in the hospital.
Worse thing is, each time i see her, her father never has had any vistors, and she cant even talk to her father since he's not responding.
Its so lonely.
Walk around, and the mood sucks.
Its even darker in the ICU.
So many of them have tubes stuck up here and there, up their noses, mouths, and needles in their hands, and who knows where else.

So they are unable to commit to a decision on my Grandfather.
May live, may die.
And around me, people are saying, if he dies, it's God's will.
Some of them are actually willing to accpet the decision that he may no longer be around.

That cant be possible!
We're supposed to let God's will be done.
But what happened to the thought of praying passionately for what you belive in?
How can you continue to pray for something, and yet say "let your will be done"?
Then whats the damn point of praying?
I cant accept the fact that some people are actually accepting the decision.
Maybe im not mature enough to understand this whole dying process, i've been lucky not to have experienced a death of a love one.

So if anyone is reading this, please pray for my paternal grandfather.
Pray that the doctors can do something, heal him, prolong his life, anything, i dont care.

As long as he can live longer.



So, after very long, i finally have something to say.
Its hard to keep thinking of things to write about.
Who cares about your life unless you have something interesting?

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Up up and away

Prices seem to be going up for food.
For some places, it seems like GST is the reason, but their increases dont seem to tally with the 2% GST increase.

McDonalds has increased their prices.
So now i will have to pay more for food which is not filling for me.
I'll just stick to coffeeshop food.

And that day i went to Broadway, and all the food from the zhi char stall seemed to have increased by 50 cents.
Of course the fried rice still portion still is like a mountain.
But now its 3.50.
Well, i'd still pay 3.50, but why the price increment?

One of my friends said its because they made a new menu, with coloured pictures.
But come on, i'm eating the rice or eating the menu?
besides, i already know what i want to eat what.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Confusion of paradox

The bible says that we should love our enemy.
But satan is our enemy.
So do we love him?


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

things to do

Here are some things i hope to do before i die.

  1. Complete the whole sit-and-reach bar.
  2. Fit a whole whopper into my mouth.
  3. Sell ice cubes to an eskimo.
  4. Be able to twist both my hands at the same time.

long time

Hmm, havent wrote anything for a long long time.

because i somehow could not sign in to blogger, and also because i was too lazy to.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sounds, or silence.

Now is the time for studying, and when one is studying, the last thing one needs is noise going on in the background.
Recently, some neighbours had to choose this time to do their renovation works.
So early in the morning also they want to start la.
Just like one radio station's slogan is " All hits, All day", these people seem to subscribe to the notion, " all hit all day".

But sounds sometimes just puzzle me.
Water droplets and streams are suposed to be relaxing.
But when you are trying to hold your piss, you get anxious, especially since water streaming is supposed to make you want to pee.
And when you are trying to sleep, hearing water droplets is irritating man.
And hearing crickets constantly chirping is the last thing you need to hear when you are trying t do some revision.

And regarding sound, one of teh best sound effects can be seen in star wars.
But sorry to say, its all bullshit.
How can there be sound in space?
Every one knows that sound cannot travel in a vacuum, and space is one huge vacuum.
If sound cannot travel,how can we hear those laser beams, or the light sabers?