Monday, July 04, 2005

the week after

So it's the first week of school, with many happenings.
But lets talk about sunday.
Start of the new two service structure in church.
Will it bring new people? Or will it break up an already small church?
Today saw the last part, attendance not bad.
All the old people.
The contemporary, i think we may have even struggled to hit 50 heads.
Bui had to serve, and was not informed of the dress code.
so yes, i was wearing black, but had to wear collared.
So i had to borrow uncle lennard's shirt then wear my black T-shirt over it.
So i ended up sweating like nuts.
But worship was good.
Almost closed my eyes.
Felt some kind of wierd feeling, different feeling to what i usually feel when i close my eyes.
Last time i close it due to sleep deprivation.


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