Monday, July 04, 2005


Today, don't know why, but some of the youths came over.
To swim. previously was serangoon garden country club.
Perhaps because now we have to pay 5 bucks to use it.
after freeloading there fo so long and got found out.
So julian, sam, casper, olivier, keith, pat, phillip, and shuling came.

First phillip and pat came first.
Phillip went to his girlfriend's house first, so i brought pat to my place first.
She was so noisy, nagging at me.
Ask me to walk slower, kept telling me she was thirsty and tired.
And she just finished a bottle of water.
she kept asking me why so long and 'teaching' me how to be more gentlemanly.
Saying that at the rate i was going, she knows why i have no girlfriend.
But i tell you, she has so much nonsense to say.
I pray my future girlfriend doesn't have as much things to say.

So she came and studied. Used my desk somemore.
So I, got relagated to the window.
Parents came back.
Asked me why she drinking in the room, and ask me to pack my room.
Where is shuling when i need her to pack my room?

Then the rest came.....
Julian drank from the bottle of water directly.
But I kenna scolded like crazy.
Even Dad chipped in.

Then we went to swim.
finished, then julian, assper and i came back to eat food.
Julian getting smarter, He ate much faster.


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