Tuesday, August 09, 2005

My extended family

I seem to have this ultra gigantic family.
No matter who, as long as they are older than me, they are my uncles or aunties.
Especially when i ws younger.
If i went visiting the familiar saying from my parents would be :"Call uncle/auntie"
Even now, no matter who, as long as they are one generation higher than me, they are all my relatives.
All my uncles and aunties.

They all come from different walks of life.
Cleaners, hawkers, taxi drivers, the list goess on......
But i have some damn stingy relatives.
Even though i call them uncle, the hawkers still refuse to give me a discount, let alone a free serving of food.
Why should i pay normal price to a relative?
Isn't blood thicker than water?
So shouldnĂ˝ i get a discount?

Even if i love a girl, her parents would also be called uncle or auntie by me when i see them.
Does that mean i'm marrying my cousin?
Incest is a crime right?

I must have one of the biggest families in the world!!
Apart from that crazy bugger in China who has 10 wives, a few more concubines, dozens of kids, and a million grandkids!!!
So i could have the biggest family tree, well almost.....


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