Sunday, March 26, 2006

Flash of blue

Joshua was on the left wing, when he spotted me making a run down the middle.
The ball was cut back, i got the ball and controlled it.
Brian was charging forward to defend the shot.
I took a step forward, pulled back my stick as i prepared to pull the trigger.
I swung my stick.
There was a flash of blue and, BOOM!!
The immediete reaction was stunned silence.

No, no.
I did not hit the ball, no one did.
My brother swung the stick and hit me in the eye.
What i want to know is how did the stick blade hit me in the eye?
Was i bent so low?
Because i don't think he committed a high stick.

Irregardless, it hurt like hell!
There i was on the floor, stunned.
I soon recovered enough to let out a string of explexitives to express my pain.
Here was the difference between 3 sets of brothers

Jeremy and Micah banged each other, and both immedietely said sorry.
Olivier and Casper's collision resulted in just Casper yelling "Olivier!"
But Brian and my collision had......
"Brian you $%#@!&^%&*@*^!*^%!(!(@^&^%@)##+_()&#"
You get the picture?

But the shittiest thing is that while placing the ice pack on it, i fell asleep.
When i woke up 10 mins later, it was numb as hell.

Well, at least my eye didnt swell.
I dont need my already crocked vision to be crocked even further.


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