Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's day.

I feel Valentine's day is one stupid day.
No, i'm not the least bitter about it.
But to me, i feel that V-day is just an excuse for shops to make you spend money.

Look at roses for example.
Somehow, they've miraculously risen in price by thrice as much, only to return to its original low price the next day.

V-day is also the only day where you can see guys carrying flowers and soft toys.
I mean, its rather stupid.
The guy would give his girlfriend/wife some flowers upon meeting her, only for him to end up carrying it around everywhere they would go.
How stupid is it as well to see a guy walk around lugging around a huge stuff toy?

How can anyone enjoy themselves during dinner or a romantic movie?
I mean, look at it.
Everyone is all cramped in that theater or restaurant.
Moreover, during the movie, lovers would be chatting the whole time.
Tell me, how does anyone enjoy themselves with that special someone in that kind of environment?

The thing which i don't really like about V-day is the fact that it seems like an obligation to give your special someone something special.
Rea;;y. is it a must?
I feel you don't need to give your special someone a gift on V-day.
You can give it to her any day.


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