Tuesday, February 21, 2006

All star game.

The NBA all star game.
Basketball, not my favourite sport, but still enjoyable nonetheless.
But since my knowledge of the sport isn't up there yet, this post may not be up to scratch.

The Game started with a few light hearted moments with each team's set of all stars trying a variation of lob passes and alley oop attempts.
The stage was set for home boy Tracy McGrady to claim MVP honours with most of his teamates feeding him the ball.
But the West side did not count on 4 Pistons imposing their defence solidity and a certain Lebron James from putting on a great show.

The final score read East 122- 120 West.
But in actual fact the East did not win it, the Detroit pistons won it.
With 4 Pistons on the bench, Coach Flip Saunders brought on all 4 of them at 1 point in the game.
The result?
The pistons practicaly ran the show and were the catalyst in the Eastern team clawing back from a 21 point deficit to win the game by a mere 2 points.
Saunders also used his Pistons to great offensive effect, using some of the Detroit plays, with Billups the main architect making all those key assists.

Well as my basketball knowledge is rather limited, this is as much as i can think of.
It's hard to write on a game which you watched, but do not even know half the rules.


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