Friday, January 06, 2006

Cassano; Roma to Real

Yesterday Real Madrid unveiled their latest signing Antonio Cassano.
The Italian joined from Italian club Roma in a 5.5 mil euro deal.
This cheap fee was made possible due to Cassano's contract expirimg imminently.

What a huge drop in price tag who once cost Roma a cool 28.5 mil euros plus a player when he was just 19 in 2001.
Once labelled as the saviour of Italian football before Gilardinho emerged, Cassano now is labelled spoilt, and hard to work with.
Arguably italy's best player at euro2004, Cassano now seeks to relaunch his career after a disappointing last 6 months, in a bid to cement his place in the Azzurri's starting line up.

As a Liverpool fan i would have welcomed him at Rafa's rafalution.
But would he be a huge threaqt to the team harmony and spirit so evident among the players?
Nor would liverpool be happy with a player prone to sulking like Anelka?
But at 5.5mil euros, he is a massive player at a bargain price.
His skill, flair and finishing ability would compliment the ariel prowess of Peter Crouch.
A marvellous player with one hell of an attitude.
Would Benitez accept him or put up with his sulking?

I think he would struggle to fit in as he would want to be the star.
Unwilling to work for the ball, he may sufer the same fate Cisse experienced early in his Liverpool career.
Overall, if not for his attitude, i'd welcome him.
Definetely represents more value for money then the worthless, diving, spitting diouf.

Having promised to shed his bad boy image, Cassano would primarily act as cover for Raul and ronaldo.
A young star on the rise with lots of promise.
Still only 23, Cassano is one with an immense future ahead of him.
But only if he watches his attitude.


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