Monday, July 17, 2006


These days, the word somehow seems like crap.
People all around the world seem to get more irritating.
Sometimes, i just feel on the verge of explosion.

My mind too seems to be getting wierder.
I'm getting these wierd dreams, featuring people close to me.
Strange bouts of deja vu also seem to be hitting me.

But the worse are the people around me.
Its as if some of them have decided to go into overdrive of irritating mode.
You just want to shove your foot up their asses.

If i could, i'd choose to be an octopus.
No Eilania, its not so i can multi task.

Its so i can shove 8 different feet up 8 different people's behind who are so damn irritating.

But what some people say is so true.
8 legs aren't enough.


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