Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Robben is the linchpin

i feel that the Netherlands' style of play uses Robben too much. But if you think of it, they do not have much of a choice. Van Basten plays a 4-3-3 system which is very relaint in wingers. If you look at their wingers, only Robben can dribble the ball as Van Persie and Kuyt are more forwards than wingers who cannot dribble as well as Robben.

If they face a team such as France which has Thuram as their right back, they would then be clamped down and stiffled as Thuram obviously has the quality to keep Robben in check.

But when Rafael van der Vaart comes back, it would be a totally different ball game as Van der Vaart is a very good passer and can excecute a mean dribble too, giving the Netherlands another attacking outlet. Of course, again the problem would again persist that the Netherlands would be using their left flank way too much.


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