Sunday, July 09, 2006


I've been having really wierd dreams recently.
Ever since school started.
Co incidence?
Here are a list of them.

Dream 1. End of the World
I dreamt that i was with the youth of St Peter's Church, watching a movie.
Then suddenly we were evacuated and i got seperated from the rest except for Darryl D.
Then we were in some building watching rocks fall from the sky, burning everything in its path.
i was just scared as hell.
Against my better judgment i just dashed out of the building.
And i actually used some old woman's hat to shield myself.
BUt i made it to the train station where i saw Ivan from school.
Somehow i beat this gorilla faced guard to a door that said "SAFETY"
Surprise Surprise.....
The safe haven was the SAS Cricket pitch

Dream 2. Challenge at the pool
i met Casper, and he came to my place to play XBOX.
Then it got so damn hot, and we decided to swim.
The wierd thing is Casper was wearing this bloody bright swimming trunks.

Then halfway while swimming, i felt my shoulder pop and dislocate.
A bloody excrutiating pain came out.
I suddenly coudn't swim.
my right arm froze, and Casper was just trying in vain to pop it back.
That pain woke me up.
And my arm was hurting like hell, yes, in real life.

Dream 3. Battle over the bottle
Some friends came over, and were thirsty.
I passed them a bottle of water, then mom came in and saw them drinking from the bottle.
Then suddenly Mom started yelling at me, out of no where, dad appeard and he too yelled.
Then 3 of us yelled and then i woke up.

What do all these mean?
most scary of them all was when i woke up from the swimming dream with pain in my shoulder.
Moreover, these dreams happened in the day, when i was taking a nap.
Freaky freaky shit....


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