Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Father's Day

I know this is rather late but to all Fathers out there, Happy Father's Day.

But i got to say something. why does it seem that fathers all around the world seem rather unappreciated? Especially when they are compared to Mothers.

Take my family for example. On mothers' day, we all went for dinner to some place which my mom wanted to go. But for Father's Day, we stayed home for dinner. We didn't even eat lunch together as they bought back food for Brian and i.

Around the island, on Mother's Day, numerous food offers are available. "Mother's Day high tea", "Mother's day buffet", "bring your mom and you get her to dine free with purchase of 3 adults", the list goes on.
But for Fathers Day, you only get offers for maybe 50% off.

Old people all around me always tell me to "get your mom something for Mother's Day" Or they tell me not to forget that its Mother's Day tomorrow. My Dad even gives me money to get my mom a gift. But i can't remeber the last time somebody scolded me for not wishing my dad Happy Father's Day, let alone forgetting to give a gift to him.

People always tell me to tell my mom how good the food is, or how nice her new hairdo looks, or how she helped me with something, because that is what their role is.
But anyone ever thanks their Dad for making sure the lights work, or the water to bathe?
Dad's are supposed to put the food on the table, but even that is taken away from them. we don't say "thank you for the food on the table". We thank the mother for making the food good.

The entertainment industry reflects this too. So many songs about mothers. Mama this, mother that. Latest songs include "hey mama'' by Kanye West has him paying tribute to his mom. While "Cleaning out my closet" by Eminem has him apologising to his Mom.
I can only think of one song, just one, that talks about a dad is "papa was a rolling stone"


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