Thursday, September 15, 2005

1 dollar left

Let me ask you a question.
Imagine all you have left is one dollar.
This represents your life.
Spend the dollar, and you die!!
But multiply it, and you extend your life.
So you have to spend it wisely.

Some would just use this last dollar to buy somethng to enjoy.
Perhaps give it to the poor?
Perhaps scrimp on it, in hope of just using until the last moment?
Gamble? maybe, but only if someone will take your one buck bet.
I know singapore pools won't.
Investing it in stocks and shares doesn't sound too bad.
Perhaps putting it in the wish fountain?

I know what i would do with my last dollar.
I'd use it to call home and ask for more money.
Then, i'd do all the other shit like food and donating it.


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