Thursday, December 22, 2005

Mommy, why'd you order the happy meal?

Remember this commercial by Macdonald's?
Where the mom and daughter go to Macs and she orders a happy meal then ask her mom why she did too?
The mom says because the daughter makes her happy.

I think that's nonsense.
The answers are ridiculous.
Then she'd be buying so much mpore things.
And i've seen parents order happy meals, and not because the kid makes them happy.
Here are my lists of more realistic answers.

1. Shut up and eat!
2. Why you ask so many questions?
3. Its the cheapest what.
4. i want the free toy!
5. Dinner so near and you want me to eat extra value meal?
6. If i order then you can get two toys right?
7. Not worth to buy hamburger, might as well pay more for FREE toy.


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