Friday, November 04, 2005

My parking lot....

Today, my mom went out.
She came back and was greeted with the sight of a motorcycle parked in her lot.
Small bike parking in big lot.
So my mom goes and complains to the guard, constantly repeating
"where am i supposed to park my car?"
And unknowingly, she had parked her car in the neighbours lot.
Brilliant thinking.

But the biker must have balls the size of watermelons.
He came out, got on his bike, relaxed.
My mom comes out and shouts
"Excuse me thats my lot."
She probably expected a sorry.
But that watermeloned balled biker said
"Thank you, its alright. I'm leaving now."
Respect earned, and deserved.
He definetely deserves it for the way he walks as if my mom should thank him.

If i do something wrong, and i tell my mom "Thank you, its alright."
I can start applying for a HDB flat or a place in a children's home.


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