Friday, November 04, 2005

Uncle, Bonjour white bread.

I usually buy bonjour white bread.
Its the cheapest what.
(bonjour, this is your chance. Would you like me to endorse your bread?)

The sophisticated people say bon jour.
But i have heard some wierd pronounciations of it.
I can't act smart when i buy it.
I have to say "Uncle (their pronounciation.)"
If i try to say it properly, they think i'm wierd.

I have to say
1.Bon Joe
2.Bon Joo
3.Bon Jior
4.Bun joe (how can it be bun? u can get the french wrong, but the bon?)
5.Bon Jwa

No.5 is my favourite.
How can it be jwa.
I've only heard it once.
When i heard it, i nearly burst out laughing.

I bet i'd laugh if a provision shop guy whos english sucks asks if i want
"bon jure" while saying bon-zhoor
Which according to my friend, is the correct pronounciation.


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