Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My teacher should change his job

I feel my teacher should change his job.
It isn't because he is inadequete or anything, he is a good teacher.
His ability to just lecture without even glancing at his notes is amazing.
Its just that he can excel in another area.
He should be a damn bookie or gambler or punter.

Mr Tan today released the project work groups today, and i was dealt one of the worst groups i could have ever had.
He just beat the extremely high odds to do so.

I knew my group would not be 100% satisfactory in the sense that surely i would have gotten of my "rather nots".
But i didnt ever in my wildest dreams imagine that i'd get so many!!!

According to Mr Tan, each group would be a diverse mixture of students, with criteria ranging from race, gender just some of them.
I knew i might be the only former Saint there since there were only 5 in the class.
But i got a Saint, the one i talked to the least.

Even worse, i got his good friend, who both together have this thing about Mao Ze-freaking-dong, just because a classmate said something stupid about him.

Another wanted to call our group Claire bears.
Damn, can you thing of a crappier name?
All because he wanted to disturb a girl in our group.
What the hell.......

I mean shit la.
There were about maybe 10 people that i would have like to be in, yet i only got 1.
And that memeber, only recently did i get closer.
Now tell me, how the hell did he beat the odds until such an extent?

And to get the 2 nits who are seemingly obsessed with Mao?
Both of them?
Just bloody amazing.

The other member, well he did something real bad today that just pissed me off.
But out of respect i shan't right it.

Look at the other groups.
2 groups contain a majority of my friends.
The third contained the so called quieter people.
But yet, that group is one happy family too.
So it seems that my group is the only disjointed one.

10 people i would have liked, yet i got only 1.
The other groups seem so damn fun.
How did he beat the damn odds?!!?
And to get this permutation out of the few hundreds available?
Blinging hell.....

Thats about all i can write about unless i want to get sued or something.
Who says we're still virgins?
Life has screwed us all.......


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