Sunday, April 02, 2006

Now a hockey player

School publications or hockey?
Not a very hard choice.
I yearn to play a sport.
The adrelanine rush. The cherring of the supporters.
All of that, just draws me.
So yup, i joined hockey and attended my first training on Friday.

First, jogged two rounds, felt like an idiot.
Everyone had sticks and i didn't.
Then stretch.
Kanasai, the really really stretched boy.
But damn it was effective.

Then we had to do some jumping.
Right leg was no kick, but then had to use left leg.....

Then had the dreaded sprints.
Shit la, had to run about 160 metres in 25 seconds.
80 there and 80 back. 5 times.
Walau, shocking ah....
When the exercise was over, felt like hurling, and my arms felt damn weak.

Then had to do push ups and sit ups on the gallery steps.
Had some back stretching exercises too.

FInished off with a 1.6km run.
The target was in 6min 40 sec.
I hit 6min 52 sec. DAMN!!
But could have been worse.
I thought i was last, so i pushed myself, ended up i wasn't.

But the team is damn friendly, made me feel welcome.
The camraderie among the players was also evident.
Thats what i want to experience.
I was a new kid, yet they all talked to me, and made me part of the family.

But i got to get used to having muscle strains now.
Imagine having to walk back, with a strained arse.......


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