Sunday, April 16, 2006

Gold teeth and aluminium cans

2 days ago, went to eat dinner with the hockey guys, when i heard a voice calling "xiao di, hai yao ma?" ( boy do you still want?)

I realised she was referring to my drink cans.
I don't know why, but sometimes, it just pains me to see these old people like that.
I don't know if u can call it pity, but i try my best to help them.

So the guys eating started to gulp down their drinks to help the auntie.
I just thank God that my own grandparents don't have to do such things and that they are living comfortably.

So when the auntie took our cans, she thanked us and smiled this smile worth a million bucks.
She had GOLD TEETH!!!

1 tooth is expensive, but 2?!
How can you be collecting cans if you can afford not a gold tooth but gold TEETH.

Now i nearly burst out laughing.
I assume you got to be of a certain affluence level to afford gold teeth.
And i certainly don't expect you to be collecting cans if you had gold teeth.

Maybe if she sold of her gold teeth, maybe she could use some of the proceeds and pay for her own enjoyment, and wouldn't have to be collecting cans.

Maybe its her legacy?
Well i sure as hell know i don't want my tombstone to read
"Here lies Colin. Drink can collector who had 2 gold teeth."

Now you know the kind of wierd things i experience each day.
Collecting cans in exchange for 2 gold teeth?
I'd rather have no teeth and keep the money.


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