Monday, August 07, 2006

Teacher teacher, what is wrong with thou?

I have a teacher.
I dont know if she does it intentionally, but she just pisses the shit out of me.
My cheif gripe is that when she calls a test, she somehow manages to fall ill the day of the test.
So we have all busted our asses for NOTHING!!

Firt time
She said we have to study for the test.
Had to read the whole book.
Busting me arse like mad.
Then she said the test was next week.
Well done la.
I spent the whole weekend studying, and now i have to repeat it again.

Second time
After busting my ass reading the thing, she failed to turn up.
2nd week, same text, different method, but still no test.

third time.
She asked us to study a part no one studies.
i didnt even know its important.
And no prizes for guessing, but yes.
She failed to turn up and give the test to us.
Brilliant, just brilliant.

And the thing about her is that she is scary as hell.
Its something about the eyes.

But all credit to her.
She is a good teacher, who has earned my respect.
I just hope i get the good grade everyone says she is able to administer.


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