Thursday, February 01, 2007

Long time since

Wow, its been a really long time since i last blogged.
Since 14th december i think.
Been more than a month now.
many things have happened to me since then.

  1. Christmas has past.
  2. So has the end of 2006, and New year's day.
  3. i've made my competetive debut for school, with the awesome feeling of pulling on the school jersey.
  4. I've gotten the number 11.
  5. i've made new, and practically broken all my new year resolutions.
  6. I've gone for my first and last LIVE game at the National stadium between Thailand and Singapore.
  7. The as of now still not yet named sister arm of Club Lim Pah has been formed.
  8. i've also changed my grip.
  9. I've made so many more videos with CLP, 18 as of today, with one of them getting 940 views in 4 days. Fantastique.

As for the month of January, it too has been a month of Landmarks.

  1. i've not gone to church (both on saturday or sunday)since the new year, although im not proud of it.
  2. I haven't touched the xbox or playstation yet.
  3. despite the huge number of winning eleven fans on my social circle, i've not played a single game yet.
  4. I've yet to play soccer this year. Its been hockey hockey hockey.
  5. I'm also proud to say that i've finished all my time magazines.
  6. i have also not ponned school or been sick from school this year, not have i ponned any class. Yet.
  7. And thanks to Nazry, i've sudenly got a huge influx of photos being taken.
  8. i also ate long John Silvers for like the 2nd or 3rd time in my life.
  9. And i havent played Football Manager at all this year!!
  10. I'm also really pleased to say that for the first time since God knows when, a day passed when i did not utter a single swear word. Wow.....

So since its been a long time now, i'll just end of here.

hopefully i'll be able to blog more.


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