Saturday, November 11, 2006

Finally in defense.

Had a match today, against Temasek Poly.
But preparation didnt begin today, it was right from yesterday's training.

Yesterday we started off with the wonderful thing of 2.4.
Failed to meet Ben Soh's target, but got an A according to NAPFA standards.

But we got freaks in the team man.
Tony hit 8min 55 seconds.
He kept running with his head held high, saying the air was fresher.
But then if i look up and breathe, doesnt that mean that the air that Matthew is breathing is fresher than me?
And isnt the so called "fresher air" that Tony breathes of the same freshness of my "normal air" sinec i'm taller than him?

Later we had to do some stickwork and fitness drills too la.
Damn tiring.

But in a way, it was good.
Because by the time we all went home, we were all too tired, that all we could do was sleep.
like for example, joshua that mad ass slept at 10 plus.

But so today, played TP.
Final score was 3-2 in their favour.
i think we all all played much better.

Finally got to play in defense, instead of left and right mid like my other 2 games.

But Ben Soh says i need to work on my passing and distribution.

Well, somehow now i seem to be getting a mental block.
So i'll end the post now.


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