Monday, November 06, 2006

Faux Crocs

I'm back, because i finally have something to ramble on about.
And today's point of contention is imitation Crocs.

Crocs are these damn famous shoes made of rubber, come in bright outlandish colours, but look ugly as hell in my opinion.
Most people overlook its ugliness as they claim that the shoes are very comfortable and are non slip as well.
The more flambouyant also like them for the bright assortment of colours they come in such as lime green and bright orange.

But what i cannot understand why people go out and buy imitation Crocs.
Perhaps its the "Singaporean" in us which craves fake goods.
i mean, most Singaporeans love the thrill of having something fake, be it DVDs, music, or football jerseys.

People buy Crocs for their comfort, non slip properties, and for the ventilation they provide.
But the fake goods are not made of similar rubber material.
So buyers lose out on the comfort factor, and perhaps the non slip properties.
And if i really wanted ventilation, i'd buy sandals.

So by buying fake crocs, i do not get to enjoy the positives, yet i still look like a retarded clown.
Seriously, crocs look like something only retarded monkeys would wear.

Please people, i know in maths, 2 negatives would make a positive.
But in this case, i dont think having poor quality imitation Crocs and looking like a fool is going to result in anything positive.

Well unless you consider looking like a spastic idiot being something positive.


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