Sunday, November 19, 2006

Game 4

So went to CCAB, expecting a match against Sengkang Sec or Northland, but was told we were going to play Temasek Poly.
The third time in four weeks.

Unfortunately we lost agin, 1 to nothing.
4 games, 4 losses.
At least this was our best performance.

But in the 4 games i've played, i've played in 4 different positions.
Left Mid, Right mid, Right Back, and sweeper.

Played sweeper yesterday in Matthew's absence.
Quite enjoyed myself there.
Still dont know which i prefer.
Right back or sweeper?

Mr Danker said that my tacklng was good, although i still had to improve on my distribution.
He said i was a reactive player.
Every action by an oppomnent would produce a quick reaction from me.

He even was able to make fun of me about my commanding of my defence.
Mr Danker: Colin can you be more specific? Take which man? There are 11 men on the field.


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