Friday, November 24, 2006

5 games, 5 different positions

Today we played Evergreen Secondary, and finally chalked our first victory.

But today was offcially played at stopper.
So that is like my 5th different position in 5 different games.

But after I covered for Matthew once, we couldnt be bothered to swap back until he became tired.
Mr Danker then decifded that i play sweeper since Matthew was running up too much.

Altogether i touched the ball 6 times.
3 times i tackled, 3 times passses from my own team.

Kind of feel the team wasnt really tested to day.
Neither Mr Soh nor Mr Danker yelled at us.

So now all thats left is for me to play left back against NJC, and i would have played in all the defensive positions available, unless you consider low centre as being a defensive position.


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