Sunday, October 08, 2006


Damn, the air quality sucks like crap.

What the hell's happening?
Its as if the Indonesians are having like a mass hungry ghost festival.
Or have they decided to declare a "smoke al you want" week?

How the heck did the forest fires cause so much problems?
I dont remember it being like this when the same shit happened in 1997.

But yesterday was damn terrible, all the smog and shit.
I cant even look across and see the end of the road.
Cycling to chuirch is a problem too.
its so hard just to take in one good breath without feeling difficulties.
My eyes are also gettig cocked, felt like tearing sometimes.

Basically there is only one thing that help us to go through this tough time.
That will be if the government decides to give us all a "holidays" from school, saying the air quality sucks so it would be unhealthy to go out of the hous e and all.
Something similar to the sars period where we all had an extra holiday would be great.

But i'd rather have school and clean air anyday.


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