Saturday, October 07, 2006

Í'm done, now just hope and pray.

Yeah, the promos have finally come to a close.
The two week period really drained me with all that mugging.
And i really dont want to retain and waste one year.

I mean, it really would suck having to get used to new people all around me,
getting used to the new requirements of new teachers,
havaing to orientate and all.

But worst of all would be the friendship sector.
I mean, i have formed some bonds with my fellow 2006 batch, and i'd hate to see it go.
What would hurt me more would be those friends whom i've known since young, and not having them around me when i'm in j2 would be real wierd.

I just hope and pray thati'll get promoted and do my best and score for my As.


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