Wednesday, August 09, 2006

41 years.....

I just realised a grave fact today.
Im proud to be a Singaporean, i just realised i've actually never watched one NDP from beginning to end.
Hard to imagine, but yes its true.
I cant even remember what happened when i went to the preview, because i got bored halfway.
I lways tell myself this is the year that im going to watch the full parade, but i'd lose interest half way and just cant be bothered.
This year, was a bit diferent.
I couldnt be initially bothered, but halfway decided to watch the ending.

Could still remebered when we stayed in a flat, where i'd be able to see everything and be amazed.
This time on the ground floor, no luck in t hat.

But my favourite part was the part where kaira gong started the singing.
I felt proud to be a Singaporean as i felt the whole nation come to a standstill while we all sang the anthem and said the pledge.
Although, yeah i was eating dinner at the time.
But i could feel the hairs on the back of my neck standing.

This year, im going to make the same promise to myself just like i did last year.
Im going to watch the FULL parade next year.
From head to tail.


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