Wednesday, August 16, 2006

PW- practically worthless

P roject work's
R eally
O dious
J ust
E radicate the
C rappy
T hing

W ork?
O r just
R idiculous
K rapp?

I cant stand project work.
I dont know why but its the whole thing.
Really, the person who invented PW should be hung and shot.
It also doesnt help that im not really with people i'm close to.

Again, how did he manage to put me in such a group?

Why do we even bother to do project work?
it doesnt teach us shit nor make us grow closer to our group mates.
In fact, from what i've seen, all it teaches us how to pretend to be nice to people you are not really comfortable with.
Besides, from other groups, it actually creates tension among the people, and not make them grow closer.
Damn the bloody PW.

Since whatever i say after this would most prob be all swearing, cussing and probably full of slamming and all, i shall refrain, and just go pour out what i feel to the wall as i do not want to get sued.

But what to do?
i just have to suck it up and smile.
Do the damn PW.

As some big shot poet said:

Rage, Rage against the dying of the light,
Do not go gentle into the good night.

Fuck that poet la, he didnt have to do project work.
So he can take his poetry, and shove it where the sun dont shine.
Then he can tell me where the lights dead.


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