Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Why im proud to be SIngaporean

A national culture which i try to do, but time doesnt allow me to.
It seems as if we queue for everything, even if it means we have to camp overnight in tents.

2.Value for money.
I always want to get the best put of everything, no matter how insignificant.
The only exception to this rule is when im studying.
I dont care if my teacher releases me 15 mins earlier.
I rejoice depite knowing i've paid school fees.

I donch know la, but its like that one la.
Gahmen say must stop Singlish, but Bo pian, part of our culture mah!

4.The PAP
We all complain how they are always doing irritating things like fining us and censorship.
We complain about their methods in ruling us, yet we know we'd all be crap without them.

It seems like a national pastime among all people, especially when one has free time.
When im with my friends, i find myself talking so much cock.
5.When we won the Tiger Cup.
I remember standing there as the national anthem was played, thinking what a great moment to be from Singapore as we whacked our ASEAN neighbours.

7.When i watched the Olympics and cheered on our ping pong stars.
There i was with so many other Singaporeans, urging and hoping for first Jing Junhong then Li Jiawei 4 years later.
There i sat in my living room like many other Singaporeans, hoping for our naturalised sisters to do us proud and bring home a meadl.

8.when i wacthed the songs segment of the NDP.
I remember just sitting there, and it finally hit me, this is my home, where i live, where i was borned.
I still recall the feeling a few years ago, with the hairs standing on my back.
I had that similar feeling this year too.

In a few years time, this list will have another addition in the form of NS which i will have to serve soon.

Another thing which is a hallmark of Singapore, exams which every kid has to go through.
A pain in the arse, which we know is a huge necessity.


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