Friday, February 09, 2007

Happy Family (filled with anxiousness)

Damn, the tension was great.
Somehow i was so nerbous for the dsa fellas.

i kept thinking, what happened if any of them didnt make it?
The thought of a weakened team hardly entered my mind.
Instead itwas more, a question of what about the bond we formed?

We've been traing so much that there is this bond between us.
Its almost as if they are like my extended family.
The guys are like my brothers, the girls the sisters i never had.
Especially the guys, whom we have gone through so much together.
We train together, eat together, shoot videos together, so many things.
Losing a part of the family was what really scared me a lot.
Maybe scared isnt the word, worried.

and now, with one of them potentially leaving for poly, 1 component
The thought of another leaving was hard to take.
What then?

Then there was also the secondary issue of a weakend suqad.
With only 20 members now, could the team afford to lose anyone else?
Adding ti the fact that the dsa guys were l;ikely to play key roles in our A division campaign?

Thank God the results was favourable to them.
Thank God, Thank God.

But the thought of losing a part of the family still lingers, especially with one of them thinking if he should go poly or not.
I hope that thought would stay that way.
Just thought, which does not turn into reality.

Hope, just hope.......


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