Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Too bad, you missed

Yesterday was the 2.4 timed trial, again.
Damn it i really hate these 2.4 trials.
Its really a bummer.
First of all i have to motivate myself to run it and complete it, and also hit the 10 minute mark set by Mr Soh.

And today, i missed it.
My timing was 10 min 9 seconds.
Bloody hell.
So near, yet so far.

Although i can be pleased that i clocked a new best time, as well as being able to hit an A grade timing, the fact is, i failed.
Besides, it isnt as if i improved a lot.


Yeah, i improved by 28 secons, but in terms of personal bests, i shaved just 6 seconds off.
many othrs chopped off so much of their seconds.
i doubt i'm putting too much pressure on myself, as what pressure is there when i cant even hit the 10 minute mark?

But watch, im going to whack the track so much, and by march, i will hit that elusive 10 minute mark.


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