Sunday, March 25, 2007

play time play time play time

Now that the block test was over, its time to just
play play play.

In a way, i feel i deserve a break, because i feel so drained after the Block Test.
Doing it kind of made me feel as if i'm totally unprepared for my As.

So i this weekednd, i just chilled with the hockey players (which costs a hell lot of money!!)


  • Mr Bean movie-$8
  • Dinner-$4

The movie was like shit, such a waste of my bloody money.
Was way, way, below my expectations.
At certain times, it was even quite boring.


  • breakfast/ lunch/ dinner-$13

We were supposed to go to Oishi Pizza for a pizza buffet, but the buggers couldnt accomodate so many of us.
And they said the buffet didnt start until like 5 o clock.
I bet they saw us, and scared the would lose money.
Cheap skate buggers.

so anticipating a buffet, most of us skipped breakfast.

So we went to some place in marina, and woah..............
We went in, and taufiq and i just saw one small section, then we looked further, and we saw loads of food.
Initially we both thought it was just pictures.
Then it both hit us, it was just rows and rows of food.
The best was, we hadnt seen it all.

There was another section.
Can you imagine?
It says seafood buffet, but it had fries, fried bread, chicken wings, samosas, among others.
The rice, was so fragrant, the corn so sweet.
The best was that it was an ALL YOU CAN FUCKING EAT BUFFET!!
So it was obvious, we ended up cramming all 3 meals into one.

Glenn had to be the dumbass that had to say so loud
"woah, this is DAMN CHEAP LA!!
That idiot was the same idiot that had to wear white, and let the oil splash on his fresh top.
that was the same clown that kept going back to con the auntie and take more ice cream.

And the companionshp with the rest made the evening all the more special.


  • Food-$4

This was our luch after the game.

What the hell man. And i thought that i actually hung aroud rather frugal and thrifty people, and the total weekend bill came out to be.......
$29Holy Crap.
A weeks pocket money all blown just like that.
And this thirty doesnt include transportation.


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