Saturday, February 24, 2007


My right side hurts man.

It all started with my right knee, somehow was damn pain.
Possibility due to all the agility execrcises which we had to jump.

Then last wek, i twisted my ankle.
Bloody hell, damn pain la.

And i dont know whetehr to be happy or not, but it happened on CNY eve.
Happy cuz i could get a break, and give me more time to recover.
Or pissed that i would be so immobile when i have to go arnd visiting?

Praveen and Nadrah said i may get more $$, but hell no.
In fact, i got less.
about 70 odd bucks less than last yr.

In fact, some clown ppl i visited thought i was injured becasue i chased a girl.
and 25 peope actually asked me what happened before wishing me happy new year.
in total, about 33 people enquired about it.
and of the 33, about 21 people thought the hockey stick hit my ankle.
how the hell does one twist one's ankle cuz someone hit it?

But going visiting was a pain man.
im agine first walking with crutches on the first day.
on the second day i was using a walking stick.

And the sinseh..... bloody hell.
they used acupuncture on me.
shit man, 10 needles in your leg.
and she sent a current through.
at least now i canwalk.

the third injury is too my shoulder.
i was playing with it, when i felt it pop out.
and now i feel a bit of pain when i rotate it.

Shit la, i cant train because of my injuries, mainly my ankle becasue i have probs jogging, let alone sprinting.
The other 2 arent that serious.
But watching the guys train till they all want to die, i wish i could be out there with them.
besides, im losing out on a lot of time, and losing match fitness.

seeing them out there, i wish i can feel the pain with them.
There on the floor, drained of energy, craving for water...
If only i could join them.


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