Sunday, April 01, 2007

Feel cheated

What luck.
April Fool's day is on a sunday.
So someone please tell me how am i going to play pranks on anyone?
Technically, if i really wantto, i can play some pranks on my parents,
but only if i want to sleep on the streets of Singapore.

Another aspect of lfe in the way i feel cheated, is when i go to coffeshops, and ask for extra rice/ noodles.
If they charge me like 20 cents like they do for mixed rice, i dont really mind.
But i cant stand it when they charge me like 50 cents.
Honestly, whats in their rice?

It always seems that i get overcharged when i order nasi/mee/kway teow goreng.
If i dont top up on the carbo, i always end up hungry after a while.
So i dont really have much of a choice right but to pay up the extra cash?

If i ask for less carbo, do i get to pay less?
Hell NO!!
So why do i have to pay for more, if i pay the same price for less?
Besides, rice is damn cheap!

Kudos to the shops which give additional sevings of rice for free.
Thank you all.
it makes your food taste better.
And of course, my wallet thanks you too.

To those which charge 50 cents more,
I've said it before, and i'll say it again.
Your rice, got gold ar?!


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