Friday, May 18, 2007

The long journey ended

Well, its all come to an end now.
After training for so long, since October 2006, the season has now come and gone.

It seems so recent when i first came for training.
And the memory is still fresh in my mind how the new j1s all came, and that very first meal with them at coronation.
As well as how Glenn vomitted at his first training session, right in front of my very eyes.

Fitness: laps of honour, 2.4 time trials/ warm up, long runs to bishan.
Stregth: gym, phantom chair, x-man, bridge.
Agility: step ladder, jumps.
Pitch: 3 man transfers, tackiling drill, dribbling exercises.
Game prep: early dimissal, the bus journey, video session.
Camps: december, and trip to Malaysia.

As we all sat on the ground, drained.
Faces with exhaustion, asking ourselves why we put oursleves through all that.
Yet, we feel a sense of accomplishment, and feel a sense of gladness.
We wish we did not have to do all that intense physical training,
Yet thank God that he gave us this time together as we bonded together.
We complain about the intensity and frequency of the trainings while knowing that trainijng was like a big part of our lives.

I'd miss all of that.
A unique experience,which cannot be replicated.
A time made special, only because of the people around me who each played his part in making it memorable.

The j1s, j2s, both girls and guys teams.
All helped in forming this memory.
Each playing a different role.
New friendships made, old friendships renewed, friendships strengthened.
Secrets shared, gossips spread, habits learned.

Honestly, it is not on the pitch that we all bond, but off it.
At the numerous meals after trainings.
In the shower as we called for soap and opened cubicle doors.
All the talk cock session while waiting for trainings.
All that supposed study times which morphed into times which we didnt study at all.

In a way, i kind of looked forward to the season ending, so that i'd get a lot more free time.
But i know, i want to train more.
So that i would be able to bond more with the team.

I definetely would miss this.
I wish it could be extended.


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