Sunday, August 20, 2006

I feel like Haley

These days, i feel like the kid from the six sense (Haley j Osmend).
But instead of seeing dead people, i see people i want dead.

Its been especially so this past week.
I dont know why, but i seem to have all these, as some classmates would say, "surpressed feelings".
But i cant help it, this week has been quite rough, and led me to be rather uptight.
I even had to go through some therapy on Wednesday (watching "that 70s show").
But even then, the world looked like a nicer place for just that half an hour.

The thing is, yeah, school's been a bit tough, but it seems as if the anger is being derived from people.
Yet at the same time, after mixing up with these asses, i go to my real friends, and voila.
i'm happy.
How can this be where people are both the pleasures and pain?
Sometimes without my good friends, i feel alone, caught between bars without an avenue of escape.

Some smart ass said:

Dont cry because its over,
Smile because it happened.

yeah, sometimes, i really thank God for my friends.
The ones i'm closest to always are there to put a smile on my face.
I really do not know what i'd do without them.

Sometimes, i feel like i keep getting myself into deeper and deeper holes full of shit.
but then i somehow manage to come out.
And i have this inkling feeling thats its because of my friends.

So all you people, you know who you are.
Thank you, so much.

To the rest of the people i want dead,


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