Wednesday, May 23, 2007

happy times, sad times

We were sitting during lunch, and just thinking.

If only we had made the finals.
If only we had not conceded that goal.
If only we had won either ACJC, VJC and topped our group.
IF IF IF.....
Big ifs, big questions unanswered.

If only we made it.....
We'd be still training, evening pitch, saturday pitch, stick sessions in school.
We would not be so free.
But what to do, except reflect on the happy and sad times.

Happy times:
  • Scoring those last minute goals against ACS (i), VS, TJC in the u-18 tournaments.
  • Winning THAT dramatic 3 way penalty shoot out against VJ and ACJC.
  • The many talk cock session at dinner, cooling down, etc.
  • Early dimissals from class.
  • Camp in december and Malaysia trip.

Sad times

  • That feeling when we failed to win against JJC , knwoing that only a win would help us qualify for the semis in the u-18.
  • The tears shed when we lost to RJ in the semis, knowing that our chance had just gone.

I just wish we could relive it all over again.

Such a glorious experience, priceless to some, invaluable to many., unwilling to be traded be all.


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