Saturday, May 26, 2007

Time of my/ our/ your/ their life/ lives

Steps to get wet

(for teachers), courtesy of Mr Ben Soh
1: Tell your students not to tau pok you.
2: get surrounded by your students
3: plead for help but to no avail
4: beg for mercy, and ask them to remove your wallet and phone.
5: resign to the fact they are going to throw you into the pool
6: grab a student's pants as you make your way into the pool, for good measure.

(for students)- method A, courtesy of Glenn
1: laugh loudly as you watch the teacher make his way to the pool
2: stand closest to his hands
3: beg for mercy as you plead with him to let go
4: ask your friends not to throw him in as a last resort,knowing your pants are in a tight grip.
5: get into the pool, realising that your wallet and phone are still in your pocket.
6: swear upon realising that you have no extra clothes.

(for students)- method B, courtesy of Ivan
1: sneak in on a CLP exco meeting
2: volunteer to be the camera man
3: turn around, with a face of victory as CLP identifies you as the next target behind your back
4: film the opening scene, before the drop the " first target" and go for you.
5: plead for mercy

All this happened at Mr Soh's house as our hockey season for 2007 officially came to a close.

The End.
The end of the road.
Chapter closed.

Mr Danker sang a modified version of Time of your life.
This hockey journey, from the very first day when the DSA kids joined us, through the december camp and Malaysia trip, the U-18 tournamnet and A div, before it came to a close at Mr Soh's house.
It has really been one heck of a ride.
It really has been the Time of my/ our/ your/ their life/ lives.

If i could, i'd relive it all over again.


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