Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Sale Worth Waiting For

Well the Great Singapore Sale(GSS) is supposed to be ongoing.
Supposedly the "Sale worth waiting for" .
Apparently, there are discounts here and there, at astronomical rates.

However, whats the point of having a big sale if i can't enjoy it?
Its no use if xbox/ PC games are on sale now, because i dont have the time to play them.
the fact that i cannot really afford the originals is besides the point.
I have exams soon, so how am i to enjoy a new game?

In fact, the things which matter to me, which i want there to have discounts, aren't on sale.

  1. Food - No discount
  2. Utilities- No discount
  3. Bus/ MRT fare- No discount
  4. Stationary/ notes from school- No discount
  5. My dad's petrol- No discount (the given 5 % does not count)

Tell me, what great Singapore sale?
Sale, well maybe.
But great?


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