Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sounds, or silence.

Now is the time for studying, and when one is studying, the last thing one needs is noise going on in the background.
Recently, some neighbours had to choose this time to do their renovation works.
So early in the morning also they want to start la.
Just like one radio station's slogan is " All hits, All day", these people seem to subscribe to the notion, " all hit all day".

But sounds sometimes just puzzle me.
Water droplets and streams are suposed to be relaxing.
But when you are trying to hold your piss, you get anxious, especially since water streaming is supposed to make you want to pee.
And when you are trying to sleep, hearing water droplets is irritating man.
And hearing crickets constantly chirping is the last thing you need to hear when you are trying t do some revision.

And regarding sound, one of teh best sound effects can be seen in star wars.
But sorry to say, its all bullshit.
How can there be sound in space?
Every one knows that sound cannot travel in a vacuum, and space is one huge vacuum.
If sound cannot travel,how can we hear those laser beams, or the light sabers?


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