Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Champion's league is back

The Champions league came out of its winter hibernation with Arsenal scoring an unexpected win over 9 time champions Real Madrid in the Bernebeau which ended Real's record of having never lost to an English team at home.

For the first hour, both teams engaged in exciting end to end action as the chances came fast and aplenty.
Despite arsenal's youngteam, the young Gunners displayed a maturity that defied their age.
The gunners created numerous chances due to their superb usage of the through ball tactic.
Within the first 90 seconds, Reyes was already free on goal, with only Cassilas' outstretched left hand denying him a goal.
The Real defence was unable to cope with the guile and precise balls that the likes of Henry, Ljungberg and Fabregas were threading forward.
Reyes especially seemed to be a huge pain in the arse, with Cicinho unable to cope with him.
The situation seemed to get worse as Woodgate was substituted early in the half, clutching his thigh.

The first half ended scoreless with neither of the two teams able to break the deadlock.
But the scoreline did not tel the whole story as many chances were being created, just that neither teams forward's were able to capitalise on them.
Both teams seemed to lack the cutting edge as the keepers too played their part.

In the second half, Arsenal took just 2 mins to acheive what they had unsuccessfully tried to do the whole of the first half, with Henry netting what turned out to be the winning goal.

The Arsenal captain showed his true ability two minutes after the restart when he collected a pass from Cesc Fabregas on the halfway line and turned purposefully towards goal. Henry displayed great strength to ride challenges from Guti and Álvaro before sliding a left-foot shot perfectly across Casillas and into the far corner of the net despite Ramos's desperate lunge.

The introduction of Raul, making his 100th Champion's league appearance, seemed to jolt the Galacticos back to life as Arsenal seemed content to have men behind the ball.

But all that to no avail as Arsenal hung on for a famous victory to defy their critics.
The performance put up by them did nothing to reflect the poor position in England they were in.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

All star game.

The NBA all star game.
Basketball, not my favourite sport, but still enjoyable nonetheless.
But since my knowledge of the sport isn't up there yet, this post may not be up to scratch.

The Game started with a few light hearted moments with each team's set of all stars trying a variation of lob passes and alley oop attempts.
The stage was set for home boy Tracy McGrady to claim MVP honours with most of his teamates feeding him the ball.
But the West side did not count on 4 Pistons imposing their defence solidity and a certain Lebron James from putting on a great show.

The final score read East 122- 120 West.
But in actual fact the East did not win it, the Detroit pistons won it.
With 4 Pistons on the bench, Coach Flip Saunders brought on all 4 of them at 1 point in the game.
The result?
The pistons practicaly ran the show and were the catalyst in the Eastern team clawing back from a 21 point deficit to win the game by a mere 2 points.
Saunders also used his Pistons to great offensive effect, using some of the Detroit plays, with Billups the main architect making all those key assists.

Well as my basketball knowledge is rather limited, this is as much as i can think of.
It's hard to write on a game which you watched, but do not even know half the rules.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's day.

I feel Valentine's day is one stupid day.
No, i'm not the least bitter about it.
But to me, i feel that V-day is just an excuse for shops to make you spend money.

Look at roses for example.
Somehow, they've miraculously risen in price by thrice as much, only to return to its original low price the next day.

V-day is also the only day where you can see guys carrying flowers and soft toys.
I mean, its rather stupid.
The guy would give his girlfriend/wife some flowers upon meeting her, only for him to end up carrying it around everywhere they would go.
How stupid is it as well to see a guy walk around lugging around a huge stuff toy?

How can anyone enjoy themselves during dinner or a romantic movie?
I mean, look at it.
Everyone is all cramped in that theater or restaurant.
Moreover, during the movie, lovers would be chatting the whole time.
Tell me, how does anyone enjoy themselves with that special someone in that kind of environment?

The thing which i don't really like about V-day is the fact that it seems like an obligation to give your special someone something special.
Rea;;y. is it a must?
I feel you don't need to give your special someone a gift on V-day.
You can give it to her any day.

Monday, February 06, 2006

plea for help

If anyone is reading this, please help me.
My maternal grandfather is going/went for an operation on 7th Feb.
He has a tumour in his liver.
Please help.
The power of prayer is very powerful.
Please pray that he will be healed completely and that the operation will be smooth.
Thank you all.