Saturday, February 24, 2007


My right side hurts man.

It all started with my right knee, somehow was damn pain.
Possibility due to all the agility execrcises which we had to jump.

Then last wek, i twisted my ankle.
Bloody hell, damn pain la.

And i dont know whetehr to be happy or not, but it happened on CNY eve.
Happy cuz i could get a break, and give me more time to recover.
Or pissed that i would be so immobile when i have to go arnd visiting?

Praveen and Nadrah said i may get more $$, but hell no.
In fact, i got less.
about 70 odd bucks less than last yr.

In fact, some clown ppl i visited thought i was injured becasue i chased a girl.
and 25 peope actually asked me what happened before wishing me happy new year.
in total, about 33 people enquired about it.
and of the 33, about 21 people thought the hockey stick hit my ankle.
how the hell does one twist one's ankle cuz someone hit it?

But going visiting was a pain man.
im agine first walking with crutches on the first day.
on the second day i was using a walking stick.

And the sinseh..... bloody hell.
they used acupuncture on me.
shit man, 10 needles in your leg.
and she sent a current through.
at least now i canwalk.

the third injury is too my shoulder.
i was playing with it, when i felt it pop out.
and now i feel a bit of pain when i rotate it.

Shit la, i cant train because of my injuries, mainly my ankle becasue i have probs jogging, let alone sprinting.
The other 2 arent that serious.
But watching the guys train till they all want to die, i wish i could be out there with them.
besides, im losing out on a lot of time, and losing match fitness.

seeing them out there, i wish i can feel the pain with them.
There on the floor, drained of energy, craving for water...
If only i could join them.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Too bad, you missed

Yesterday was the 2.4 timed trial, again.
Damn it i really hate these 2.4 trials.
Its really a bummer.
First of all i have to motivate myself to run it and complete it, and also hit the 10 minute mark set by Mr Soh.

And today, i missed it.
My timing was 10 min 9 seconds.
Bloody hell.
So near, yet so far.

Although i can be pleased that i clocked a new best time, as well as being able to hit an A grade timing, the fact is, i failed.
Besides, it isnt as if i improved a lot.


Yeah, i improved by 28 secons, but in terms of personal bests, i shaved just 6 seconds off.
many othrs chopped off so much of their seconds.
i doubt i'm putting too much pressure on myself, as what pressure is there when i cant even hit the 10 minute mark?

But watch, im going to whack the track so much, and by march, i will hit that elusive 10 minute mark.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Happy Family (filled with anxiousness)

Damn, the tension was great.
Somehow i was so nerbous for the dsa fellas.

i kept thinking, what happened if any of them didnt make it?
The thought of a weakened team hardly entered my mind.
Instead itwas more, a question of what about the bond we formed?

We've been traing so much that there is this bond between us.
Its almost as if they are like my extended family.
The guys are like my brothers, the girls the sisters i never had.
Especially the guys, whom we have gone through so much together.
We train together, eat together, shoot videos together, so many things.
Losing a part of the family was what really scared me a lot.
Maybe scared isnt the word, worried.

and now, with one of them potentially leaving for poly, 1 component
The thought of another leaving was hard to take.
What then?

Then there was also the secondary issue of a weakend suqad.
With only 20 members now, could the team afford to lose anyone else?
Adding ti the fact that the dsa guys were l;ikely to play key roles in our A division campaign?

Thank God the results was favourable to them.
Thank God, Thank God.

But the thought of losing a part of the family still lingers, especially with one of them thinking if he should go poly or not.
I hope that thought would stay that way.
Just thought, which does not turn into reality.

Hope, just hope.......

Saturday, February 03, 2007

The void to be filled

There's this void in me.
Somehow religion used to be a huge part of my life.
I used to look forward to going to church on Saturday and Sunday.
But its now as if i cant be bothered.
Disillusionment has set in, confusion over whether i should go.

Its like church ar?
Aiyah, dont care la.

ok, fatigue is one reason.
But many a time, i do wake up early, only to see that there aint a desire (if thats the word) to go to church.
Its not as if i dont believe, but its just.......i dont know.

It doesnt help that both parents are pressuring me to go.
I mean, hey its my life.
If i was the one that backslided, it has to be that has to see the light.
I have to be the one who must find my way again, and preferably unaided.
I want to see the light, but i'd like to do it at my own pace.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Long time since

Wow, its been a really long time since i last blogged.
Since 14th december i think.
Been more than a month now.
many things have happened to me since then.

  1. Christmas has past.
  2. So has the end of 2006, and New year's day.
  3. i've made my competetive debut for school, with the awesome feeling of pulling on the school jersey.
  4. I've gotten the number 11.
  5. i've made new, and practically broken all my new year resolutions.
  6. I've gone for my first and last LIVE game at the National stadium between Thailand and Singapore.
  7. The as of now still not yet named sister arm of Club Lim Pah has been formed.
  8. i've also changed my grip.
  9. I've made so many more videos with CLP, 18 as of today, with one of them getting 940 views in 4 days. Fantastique.

As for the month of January, it too has been a month of Landmarks.

  1. i've not gone to church (both on saturday or sunday)since the new year, although im not proud of it.
  2. I haven't touched the xbox or playstation yet.
  3. despite the huge number of winning eleven fans on my social circle, i've not played a single game yet.
  4. I've yet to play soccer this year. Its been hockey hockey hockey.
  5. I'm also proud to say that i've finished all my time magazines.
  6. i have also not ponned school or been sick from school this year, not have i ponned any class. Yet.
  7. And thanks to Nazry, i've sudenly got a huge influx of photos being taken.
  8. i also ate long John Silvers for like the 2nd or 3rd time in my life.
  9. And i havent played Football Manager at all this year!!
  10. I'm also really pleased to say that for the first time since God knows when, a day passed when i did not utter a single swear word. Wow.....

So since its been a long time now, i'll just end of here.

hopefully i'll be able to blog more.