Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Up up and away

Prices seem to be going up for food.
For some places, it seems like GST is the reason, but their increases dont seem to tally with the 2% GST increase.

McDonalds has increased their prices.
So now i will have to pay more for food which is not filling for me.
I'll just stick to coffeeshop food.

And that day i went to Broadway, and all the food from the zhi char stall seemed to have increased by 50 cents.
Of course the fried rice still portion still is like a mountain.
But now its 3.50.
Well, i'd still pay 3.50, but why the price increment?

One of my friends said its because they made a new menu, with coloured pictures.
But come on, i'm eating the rice or eating the menu?
besides, i already know what i want to eat what.