Saturday, October 28, 2006


so long time without a post, due to the exams and also because i just couldnt be bothered.

So today, had my first game, against Temasek Poly, together with all their national team players.

And last night, a few of us did the "smart" thing of going to Ming Xian's house for party, and promtly stuffed our faces with the food.
it also didnt help that most of us slept earliest 12 midnight.

So it was like kanasai that people like me have to wake up at least an hour and a half to prepare, including travelling time.

So woke up at bloody FIVE FORTY FIVE in the bloody morning.
Didnt even slepp for 6 hours.

But for the game, was kind of shocked that Danker opted to play me at left midfield, especially since my reverse stick has also been like crap.
Even he himself said so.
And in midfield somemore.

But surprisingly, despite their Galactico squad, we only lost 3 zip.
Whats more, 2 of their goals were from short corners.
and according to danker, we held them for 45 minuntes.

but damn, after the first 10 minutes, i was starting to feel damn tired.
Only the Man Up There knows how i managed to last so long.
In fact, i'm not very sure how long i played, except that it was more than 50 mins.

So Danker says that i have to improve my composure, and that i tried to do so much, that not only did i "confuse others, but i also confused myself".
He also said that at a stage, i was giving the ball away too much.
And that perhaps the left side of midfield was perhaps not my position.
if i'm not wrong, he said that i didnt look too comfortable playing there either.

But overall, he said that we played quite well, and a 3 nil scoreline was rather credibnle, and that he had expected worse.

So now, here i am, back at home, nursing a few muscle strains, especially one in my left hamstring, and some tightness in my ass.

Before, i go, i'd like to mention 2 people.
During the game, i did something which ended up in me ketting hit in the leg.
Someone along the sideline yelled "Colin be carefeul".
Sorry i do not know who you are, but
Thank you.

And also their number 11, Norman, i think also hit me in the head with the ball quite early in the game.
He did a fantastic gesture after that by apologising to me after the game, despite doing so immedietely after he hit me.
True class.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Damn, the air quality sucks like crap.

What the hell's happening?
Its as if the Indonesians are having like a mass hungry ghost festival.
Or have they decided to declare a "smoke al you want" week?

How the heck did the forest fires cause so much problems?
I dont remember it being like this when the same shit happened in 1997.

But yesterday was damn terrible, all the smog and shit.
I cant even look across and see the end of the road.
Cycling to chuirch is a problem too.
its so hard just to take in one good breath without feeling difficulties.
My eyes are also gettig cocked, felt like tearing sometimes.

Basically there is only one thing that help us to go through this tough time.
That will be if the government decides to give us all a "holidays" from school, saying the air quality sucks so it would be unhealthy to go out of the hous e and all.
Something similar to the sars period where we all had an extra holiday would be great.

But i'd rather have school and clean air anyday.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Í'm done, now just hope and pray.

Yeah, the promos have finally come to a close.
The two week period really drained me with all that mugging.
And i really dont want to retain and waste one year.

I mean, it really would suck having to get used to new people all around me,
getting used to the new requirements of new teachers,
havaing to orientate and all.

But worst of all would be the friendship sector.
I mean, i have formed some bonds with my fellow 2006 batch, and i'd hate to see it go.
What would hurt me more would be those friends whom i've known since young, and not having them around me when i'm in j2 would be real wierd.

I just hope and pray thati'll get promoted and do my best and score for my As.