Thursday, July 27, 2006

Service learning

Walau, Tanah Merah MRT, damn far from my house ar.
Better leave early, don't want to be late.

But damn it, i left the house at 7, and i reached Yio Chu Kang MRT and got to Tanah Merah at 8am.
Bloody hell.

Even Deborah suffered the same fate as i. She lives in Choa Chu Kang and reaced the station so early.

So i was early, what to do?
Take train to the airport and back la.

But at the home, honestly, i have to say i wasn't really moved.
I don't know why, maybe it was because i had some things that were plauging my mind, not allowing me peace of mind.

But the people there really tested my command of teochew.
Its like as if old people only speak 3 languages.
Teochew, Cantonese and Hokkien.

But walau la, i got hit in the nose by some old man, all because he was hungry.
He kept asking me where the food was.
How the hell do i know?

Well actaully thee are more things i'd like to write.
But i cant, because they are rather offensive and callous remarks.
And i i dont want any complications

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Nearing break point.

Sometimes, i just feel like i'm trapped in a prison.
My room is my cell, and my dad is the police warden.

Its like he uses the golden rule.
"This is my house"......
Whatever comes after that is irrelevant, since he can come up with a million permutations to make it my fault.

Is it just really my fault?
Am i a selfish piece of shit?
Or am i a victim of strained relations with my parents?

Its not as if i go out of my way to irritate the crap out of them.
Sometimes i can be a pain in the arse for them,
but why does it seem that the ocasions i try to be a good kid do i get screwed?
And i seem to be escaping conseguenses each time i really, genuinely am an ass?

Sometimes i feel perfectly at ease with them, able to tell them stuff.
But majority, there is this invisible brick wall which i just can't muster enough strength to break.
Its like as if we are playing broken telephone, the message doesn't seem to get across.

More often than not, i hear myself yelling or adding an explexitive before my point is taken.

Its like trapped in this cell of solitude, where i have to be on my guard.
One wrong move could be the spark to ignite a war of words between myself and any member of the family.

There so much tension nowadays.
When any of us comes home, i don't greet them, nor do they greet me.

Even during meals there are problems.
Sometimes, Both parents can't be bothered to wait for me to eat.
They'd just eat theirs and leave me to rely on my hearing to decipher the clashing of utensils to know dinner has beemn served.
They wont even tell me its dinner time.
Worse is when they say dinner is served and then tell me to go bathe or some other creative excuse to delay me.

I know i should be grateful for parents who can provde,
more so for the fact that there are parents there and that i'm not an orphan or some shit like that.

The truth is, i am grateful.
but sometimes, i just feel so lost, that i resolve to talking to the computer because i don't think anyone really gives a shit.
I mean, i'm not the only kid out there who has stained relations with their parents.

Monday, July 17, 2006


These days, the word somehow seems like crap.
People all around the world seem to get more irritating.
Sometimes, i just feel on the verge of explosion.

My mind too seems to be getting wierder.
I'm getting these wierd dreams, featuring people close to me.
Strange bouts of deja vu also seem to be hitting me.

But the worse are the people around me.
Its as if some of them have decided to go into overdrive of irritating mode.
You just want to shove your foot up their asses.

If i could, i'd choose to be an octopus.
No Eilania, its not so i can multi task.

Its so i can shove 8 different feet up 8 different people's behind who are so damn irritating.

But what some people say is so true.
8 legs aren't enough.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Common Test

Yes, its here. finally, the end of the common tests.
The firsy exam since my O levels.
It was so damn hard to get myself into game mode to study la.

The bloody exams during the damn World Cup la.
Made me miss so many matches due to the damn exams.

I better do well la.

Sunday, July 09, 2006


I've been having really wierd dreams recently.
Ever since school started.
Co incidence?
Here are a list of them.

Dream 1. End of the World
I dreamt that i was with the youth of St Peter's Church, watching a movie.
Then suddenly we were evacuated and i got seperated from the rest except for Darryl D.
Then we were in some building watching rocks fall from the sky, burning everything in its path.
i was just scared as hell.
Against my better judgment i just dashed out of the building.
And i actually used some old woman's hat to shield myself.
BUt i made it to the train station where i saw Ivan from school.
Somehow i beat this gorilla faced guard to a door that said "SAFETY"
Surprise Surprise.....
The safe haven was the SAS Cricket pitch

Dream 2. Challenge at the pool
i met Casper, and he came to my place to play XBOX.
Then it got so damn hot, and we decided to swim.
The wierd thing is Casper was wearing this bloody bright swimming trunks.

Then halfway while swimming, i felt my shoulder pop and dislocate.
A bloody excrutiating pain came out.
I suddenly coudn't swim.
my right arm froze, and Casper was just trying in vain to pop it back.
That pain woke me up.
And my arm was hurting like hell, yes, in real life.

Dream 3. Battle over the bottle
Some friends came over, and were thirsty.
I passed them a bottle of water, then mom came in and saw them drinking from the bottle.
Then suddenly Mom started yelling at me, out of no where, dad appeard and he too yelled.
Then 3 of us yelled and then i woke up.

What do all these mean?
most scary of them all was when i woke up from the swimming dream with pain in my shoulder.
Moreover, these dreams happened in the day, when i was taking a nap.
Freaky freaky shit....

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Lampard the Lam Par

It was 10 in the morning, i woke up and the first thing i did was to open the newspaer, and the first page i saw were the odds for the England and Potugal match.

The odds were so damn generous.
For a Portugal win, the odds were 3.90.
A draw would net 3.20.
An England win would represent a coup of a measly 1.80.

I had earlier predicted a Portuguese win and i was just shocked at the odds given. i mean, close to four bucks!!

So i immedietely rang mom up to buy for me draw and and Porugal win.
Believe it or not, it was my first bet in this World Cup.

My thinking was this. If Portugal won, or if a draw occured, then i'd win some money.
If England won, i'd too be happy as i'm an England supporter.
So either way, i win.
The best scenario would be if the match went into extra time and England won the,
That'd be double happiness.

But as everyone should know by now, a draw did happen, but England lost due to penalty kicks.
That Lam Par failed to break his scoring duck, and Wayne Rooney got his Manchurian Ass sent off.

But during the match i was so tense.
Every Portuguese shot resulted in a yelp or anticipation from me.
And every resulting miss resulted in a string of explexitives.
My explexetive count must have hit 3 digits.
Andrea, if you're reading this, sorry about your hand.
I kept squeezing her hand due to the nervousness of the match.

But thank God for Ricardo in regulation time, because he made a few saves worth 10 dollars.
But he can go to hell to since he denied England in the penalty kicks.

Well at the end of the day, officially i made $16.25.
But on closer examination, i made only $6.25.
Because you have to minus out the amount of money i put in. ($10 for both games.)

But it doesnt really matter to me.
I bet just for kicks, not for the money, although i have to admit i was tempted to bet a bit more.