Thursday, December 14, 2006

Club Lim Peh

So could not take the boredom.
I went back to train.

And am i glad that i did.
The last few days have been nothing short of fun.
I've laughed so much that my cheek bones hurt like that.

Really thank God for the members of Club Lim Peh, you know who you are.
All those videos and stunts.

Loads of enjoyment, cant imagine not being with them.

Friday, December 08, 2006

sense of loss

The week began with the hockey camp, which was damn fun.
Lots of bonding together.

In a way the matches, and times spent scaring the crap out of each other was the unifying bond among all of us.
The card games and the abrasions also tightened the strong bonds.

I honestly enjoyed myself and i am sure willing to sacrifeice the sleep and tahan the shiong trainings if that meant that we could extend the camp longer than the allocated 3 days.

Even the post camp bonding session at the tau huay stall was damn fun la.

The sense of bonding in this team is excellent among the players.
Even the new DSA fellas managed to break in and form a strong bond so quickly.

And now that its all over, there is this sense of emptiness, even though i was kind of looking forward to this break.
Before the camp i was looking forward to it as i was tired as hell, and my ankle was damn pain la.

But as the camp drew to a close, there seemed for a longing for the camp to extend so the fun could be prolonged.

Now i feel so free la.
With a longing for all tha banter.

I miss all the fun we had jumping on each other.
I miss the sessions at " Club Lim Peh".
i miss the times when we scared the shit out of each other at night.
I miss the times we had making un of each other and the "false relationships".
I miss the times when we all complain that training is so damn terok, yet we still press on.

I really miss all that and its only been 2 days.