Monday, January 30, 2006

Red to white to blue and back to red

After 5 years wearing the colours of Leeds and Man City, Liverpool announced the return of Robbie Fowler on a free transfer.
After 170 goals in over 300 hundred appearances from 1992-2001, Robbie left tearfully after falling out with then Liverpool manager Gerard Houllier.

Toxteth-born Fowler originally shot to prominence with the Reds in the autumn of 1993 and quickly established himself as one of the most lethal finishers in Europe.
He also captained the team and broke numerous scoring records.

Away from Anfield, his career took a nosedive, leaving him to wander in the international wilderness despite being hailed as one of the best finishers in the country.

Now he is back where he belongs, where he was once affectionately called "God".
With him back, what do i think?

I believe he will be a great asset, continuing where he left off, scoring goals.
It's obvious Fowler is no longer the player he once was, with his ability to last a full game in question.

But in Fowler, Liverpool have signed a player who still can produce the goods.
Man U fans will agree as he just scored one against them in the recent Manchester derby.
Fowler, also has the heart and passion to play in the Red shirt.

I hope his finishing ability will rub off on his fellow strikers as Cisse, Crouch and Morientes all have had problems finding the back of the net.
Stevie G being the club's EPL top scorer is enough proof of the strikers finishing prowess.

Hopefully, Fowler can dish some experience to his fellow Reds as the forwards are relatively inexperienced apart from Morientes whom i feel still hasn't come to grips with the English game.

I believe Fowler can be the difference between finishing 2nd or third.
With a bit of luck, his goals could even help Pool catch Chelsea.
The current strikers have been very guilty of missing some guilt edged chances.
His ability to finish even half a chance would be a valuable asset.
The goals he would bring would also calm some nerves in tense matches.
Like the recent game against Man u, what difference would Fowler have made?
Would Pool have won if Fowler was there instead of Cisse?

I thought Morientes was the finsher we needed, but i have yet to be proved right.
Would Fowler be the finisher Liverpool so crave?
Someone needs to capitalise on the passing of Gerrard and Alonso.
A finisher is also needed to put away the high balls that Crouch has knocked down.

Fowler is definetely not the final piece of the jigsaw, as a right winger is still needed.
But with one former pool favourite back, how about bringng Owen back?
When both were at Pool, both were never able to strike a meaningful partnership.
This was due to them being hit by various injuries.

Owen and Fowler, the Liverpool strikeforce of 2006?
The one that brings the title back?

Sunday, January 15, 2006

JDCC Challenge trophy

The date was Sunday 15 january.
A Argentinian invatational side were to take on AC Milan in a match.
The weather was fine, with the pitch in good condition.
At 2pm the match kicked off.

The first peice of action was when Crespo went for a two footed challenge, resulting in the first booking in the 1st minute.
That was an ominious foreshadowing of what was soon to come.
The tackles were fast and furious, with the flambouyant Argentinians bearing the brunt of them.
The Rosseneri players seemed to be going for blood as they made their tackles fast and furious.

At the end of the first half, The milanese had Stam, Gattuso, and Pirlo sent off, with Kaka and Crespo on a yellow card each.
Whereas the Argentinians had only Samuel on a booking.
But Argie was unable to make use of their numerical advantage.
The first half finished goaless, both teams unable to break the deadlock despite promising shots.

The second half started the same way the the match began, with seedorf earning a booking for a wild challenge on Aimar.
A few minutes later, the managers brought him off for Serginho to prevent him from getting another booking.
But alas, Milan soon lost Rui Costa due to 2 yellow cards.
7 players against 11, could the red and black weather the storm?

The 2nd half was more eventful, but Argentina were unable to convert their possesion into goals.
The numerous free kicks they were awarded just kept sailing over the bar.
The South Americans also hit the wood work twice and had a shot cleared off the line.
But Milan held on for their dear life, soaking the pressure.
They even had a few good shots on goal which the normally reliable shevchenko squandered.

Extra time yielded nothing except a shot by Crespo which was cleared off the line in the final minute as the match headed for the dreaded lottery of the penalty kicks.

Milan only had 7 players left as Cafu hit the first kick into the back of the net which Crespo duly followed.
Dida then saved Saviola's shot before Nesta and Maldini converted theirs.
Kaka nestled his before Zanetti and Riquelme squandered theirs.
All Collocini had to do was convert his, which he duly did as Milan claimed an unlikely victory, sending managers Darryl and colin into ecstasy.
All this while opposition managers Julian and Casper wondered how they let an 11 man Argentina lose to a 7 man milan.

Who would have though that a 7 man team would triumph over a full strength Argentina?
How could Crespo play for both sides?
Did Milan and Argentina play today?
Darryl D and Colin managing Milan?
Well isn't Winning Eleven and xbox great?

Friday, January 06, 2006

Cassano; Roma to Real

Yesterday Real Madrid unveiled their latest signing Antonio Cassano.
The Italian joined from Italian club Roma in a 5.5 mil euro deal.
This cheap fee was made possible due to Cassano's contract expirimg imminently.

What a huge drop in price tag who once cost Roma a cool 28.5 mil euros plus a player when he was just 19 in 2001.
Once labelled as the saviour of Italian football before Gilardinho emerged, Cassano now is labelled spoilt, and hard to work with.
Arguably italy's best player at euro2004, Cassano now seeks to relaunch his career after a disappointing last 6 months, in a bid to cement his place in the Azzurri's starting line up.

As a Liverpool fan i would have welcomed him at Rafa's rafalution.
But would he be a huge threaqt to the team harmony and spirit so evident among the players?
Nor would liverpool be happy with a player prone to sulking like Anelka?
But at 5.5mil euros, he is a massive player at a bargain price.
His skill, flair and finishing ability would compliment the ariel prowess of Peter Crouch.
A marvellous player with one hell of an attitude.
Would Benitez accept him or put up with his sulking?

I think he would struggle to fit in as he would want to be the star.
Unwilling to work for the ball, he may sufer the same fate Cisse experienced early in his Liverpool career.
Overall, if not for his attitude, i'd welcome him.
Definetely represents more value for money then the worthless, diving, spitting diouf.

Having promised to shed his bad boy image, Cassano would primarily act as cover for Raul and ronaldo.
A young star on the rise with lots of promise.
Still only 23, Cassano is one with an immense future ahead of him.
But only if he watches his attitude.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The New Year

Happy new year to all.

I have recently seen an increase in the number of people jogging along the road.
Especially the fat ones.
All of them must have made New year resolutions to keep fit.
I just have to wait till after january is over,
then most of the people have given up on fulfilling their resolutions.
Then the streets will be less crowded.
So will the gyms and fitness clubs.