Sunday, April 30, 2006

Gunners sink the yellow submarine

18 April, 2 teams, both trying to make the finals of the champion league for the first time in their history.
Arsenal were aiming to set a record 10 clean sheets over the semi finals, while villareal aimed to be the first team since Sampdoria to make it to the final on their debuts.

After 93 years, all that remained were 90 mins, and the last European match at Highbury finished with the gunners carving out a slender 1-0 lead.

A week later, Arsenal travelled to El Madrigal for the second leg where they extended their clean sheet record to 10.
Unlucky as they were, a combination of Jens Lehman's reflexes and poor finishing cost Villareal a place in the final.
Juan Riquelme, for so long the spark of the team and matchwinner missed a penalty in the dying minutes. It was the least they deserved after puonding the arsenal goal endlessly.
Guillermo Franco was the main culprit of the match, spurning several glorious opprtunities to turn the game villareal's way.

Late in the game, Villareal were deservedly awarded apenalty. After their efforts, it was the least they deserved. Riquelme, a star of this UEFA Champions League season, stepped up to take responsibility but his spot-kick was pushed away by Lehmann, another stellar presence. It was not to be for the brave Spanish side.

Despite Riquelme saving the yellow submarine on numerous occasions, he cruelly missed a penalty.
It remains to be seen if this penalty miss would be the defining moment of his career, although not blamed for the penalty miss, it is evident the question of "what if" would be weighing heavily on his mind as that penalty would have forced extra time.

With that, i feel that that game might be Thierry Henry's penultimate European game.
Lets say that Arsenal triumphs and lift their first Champions League, why would Thierry Henry stay? What more is there left for him to achieve?

If they lose, Arsenal would ultimately not qualify for the Champion's league next year due to Spurs league position.
As much as Henry loves Arsenal, would he be willing to play UEFA Cup football? and wait at least 2 years to try and win the Champions league again?
Moreover what are the chances that a team can reach 2 finals in 3 years and win one?

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Gold teeth and aluminium cans

2 days ago, went to eat dinner with the hockey guys, when i heard a voice calling "xiao di, hai yao ma?" ( boy do you still want?)

I realised she was referring to my drink cans.
I don't know why, but sometimes, it just pains me to see these old people like that.
I don't know if u can call it pity, but i try my best to help them.

So the guys eating started to gulp down their drinks to help the auntie.
I just thank God that my own grandparents don't have to do such things and that they are living comfortably.

So when the auntie took our cans, she thanked us and smiled this smile worth a million bucks.
She had GOLD TEETH!!!

1 tooth is expensive, but 2?!
How can you be collecting cans if you can afford not a gold tooth but gold TEETH.

Now i nearly burst out laughing.
I assume you got to be of a certain affluence level to afford gold teeth.
And i certainly don't expect you to be collecting cans if you had gold teeth.

Maybe if she sold of her gold teeth, maybe she could use some of the proceeds and pay for her own enjoyment, and wouldn't have to be collecting cans.

Maybe its her legacy?
Well i sure as hell know i don't want my tombstone to read
"Here lies Colin. Drink can collector who had 2 gold teeth."

Now you know the kind of wierd things i experience each day.
Collecting cans in exchange for 2 gold teeth?
I'd rather have no teeth and keep the money.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My teacher should change his job

I feel my teacher should change his job.
It isn't because he is inadequete or anything, he is a good teacher.
His ability to just lecture without even glancing at his notes is amazing.
Its just that he can excel in another area.
He should be a damn bookie or gambler or punter.

Mr Tan today released the project work groups today, and i was dealt one of the worst groups i could have ever had.
He just beat the extremely high odds to do so.

I knew my group would not be 100% satisfactory in the sense that surely i would have gotten of my "rather nots".
But i didnt ever in my wildest dreams imagine that i'd get so many!!!

According to Mr Tan, each group would be a diverse mixture of students, with criteria ranging from race, gender just some of them.
I knew i might be the only former Saint there since there were only 5 in the class.
But i got a Saint, the one i talked to the least.

Even worse, i got his good friend, who both together have this thing about Mao Ze-freaking-dong, just because a classmate said something stupid about him.

Another wanted to call our group Claire bears.
Damn, can you thing of a crappier name?
All because he wanted to disturb a girl in our group.
What the hell.......

I mean shit la.
There were about maybe 10 people that i would have like to be in, yet i only got 1.
And that memeber, only recently did i get closer.
Now tell me, how the hell did he beat the odds until such an extent?

And to get the 2 nits who are seemingly obsessed with Mao?
Both of them?
Just bloody amazing.

The other member, well he did something real bad today that just pissed me off.
But out of respect i shan't right it.

Look at the other groups.
2 groups contain a majority of my friends.
The third contained the so called quieter people.
But yet, that group is one happy family too.
So it seems that my group is the only disjointed one.

10 people i would have liked, yet i got only 1.
The other groups seem so damn fun.
How did he beat the damn odds?!!?
And to get this permutation out of the few hundreds available?
Blinging hell.....

Thats about all i can write about unless i want to get sued or something.
Who says we're still virgins?
Life has screwed us all.......

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Now a hockey player

School publications or hockey?
Not a very hard choice.
I yearn to play a sport.
The adrelanine rush. The cherring of the supporters.
All of that, just draws me.
So yup, i joined hockey and attended my first training on Friday.

First, jogged two rounds, felt like an idiot.
Everyone had sticks and i didn't.
Then stretch.
Kanasai, the really really stretched boy.
But damn it was effective.

Then we had to do some jumping.
Right leg was no kick, but then had to use left leg.....

Then had the dreaded sprints.
Shit la, had to run about 160 metres in 25 seconds.
80 there and 80 back. 5 times.
Walau, shocking ah....
When the exercise was over, felt like hurling, and my arms felt damn weak.

Then had to do push ups and sit ups on the gallery steps.
Had some back stretching exercises too.

FInished off with a 1.6km run.
The target was in 6min 40 sec.
I hit 6min 52 sec. DAMN!!
But could have been worse.
I thought i was last, so i pushed myself, ended up i wasn't.

But the team is damn friendly, made me feel welcome.
The camraderie among the players was also evident.
Thats what i want to experience.
I was a new kid, yet they all talked to me, and made me part of the family.

But i got to get used to having muscle strains now.
Imagine having to walk back, with a strained arse.......